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National Online Traffic School, LLC its subsidiaries, agents, assigns, and affiliates (hereinafter NOTS) understands the concerns of you, our customer, in maintaining certain personal privacy. In that regard, we have created a privacy policy which will be applicable with regard to your use of this website. Further, this privacy policy will instruct you on what to do if you are having privacy issues as a result of information that you have disclosed on this website.


In order for the customer to utilize the services of NOTS, it will be necessary for you to enter certain personal information into our system. Included in this information are your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. Moreover, in order for you to pay for the services of NOTS, you will often be required to enter credit card information. It is the policy of NOTS to maintain the confidentiality of all of this information, except as required for dissemination to the courts, as directed by you, to insure that you have completed the traffic school course. NOTS does not maintain databases of customers for the purpose of selling personal information to third-party users. However, NOTS shall maintain your personal information in its files for a number of different uses. Some of those uses may include a confirmation to the courts and/or the State agency if there is an issue relating to a loss or misplaced completion certificate, as well as providing the customers with updates as to information and services being provided by NOTS. In no event will this information be disseminated to third parties without the approval of the customer.

In many situations, there will be other information of a personal nature gathered about the customer. For example, the type of Internet browser that the customer is using to operate NOTS and the URL from which the customer is linked to the system will be maintained in the NOTS database. There are a number of factors involved in our maintaining these records, including virus protection. Again, the information regarding the type of Internet browser or URL that the customer is using will not be disseminated to third parties.

If you have a concern about the dissemination of your personal information, please do not hesitate to contact us as at info@floridawheelsinmotion.com. While NOTS must maintain certain records, we can arrange to have some of your personal information deleted if requested. However, deleting such information will be at your own risk if there should be an issue with respect to the courts not having confirmation of your completion of the course for whatever reason. This privacy policy is not intended to be a contract between NOTS and its customers, and may be amended at any time at the sole discretion of NOTS without notice to the customer.